Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Pawan Blogs

Here I share with you my best three secret tricks which I use during the online shopping on Amazon, and I am sure you never saw it before anywhere. it will help you to save some extra during online shopping.

Amazon Deals Hack

On the amazon, many deals and sales were runs for such a limited remaining time like weekly sale, deal of the day, festival deal, Sunday deals, and many others, what happened when you like any product and you want a buy them but you don't have money that time.

So whats on amazon deals hack?

That's the my first and favorite tricks that I used when I want a buy any product from deal or sales but i don't have money at that time. using the trick I can buy the same product at the same price after the deal ended. its works lot for me but i don't know how much longer time it will works, I tested this on a product, I applied same trick and check again after 2-3 day later and surprisingly its works. so that's mean you can buy deals and sales product after 2-3 days when deals and sale were gone. 

Before i reveal my trick i want to answered some question or clear some point which i seen on internet.

  1. What happens when I add the sale and deal product on the cart, can I buy them at the same price when sale end?
  2. What happens when we use Cod "cash on delivery", it helps us!

  1. Unfortunately, the answer was no, you can't buy that product at the same price, because when the price of the product was increased and decreased so a product which you added in cart their price also affected. 
  2. So maybe it's helps you but here are some point that you want to know before it, and the point was most of the product which comes on the sales or deals they do not eligible for cash on delivery or if they were so you can't apply any offer, its mean no cashback when you use cod option.

Maybe those question also comes on your mind but now you know what's the truth.

So now let's begin the trick, I will do it step by step with examples and I also added some navigation images or screenshots which helps you a lot, I hope

On the first step, we take a product from deal choose which you wanna buy, as you can be seen in images below I take a product from a deal of the day and its available for such a short remaining time. After you choose then click on the 'Buy Now' button, Don't worry we're not buying it yet. 

Amazon Deals Hack

Ok once you click on Buy Now, so they ask for select a delivery address, select where you want to receive your product, if you not added address yet so add the first and once you added then click on Deliver to this address for move form this step, one thing you need to remember, when once you did it successfully then you can't change address. so do it carefully.

Amazon Deals Hack

Now we came on the main step, where you need a card for completing this step, don't worry we don't need to pay yet, you also can use fake card trick, if you don't know about that so you can check on the internet. as you can be seen in the image below we need to enter CVV to complete the payment, So what exactly you have to do here, enter the wrong CVV


Because we won't complete the payment yet, so enter the wrong code and click on the continue button. 

Amazon Deals Hack

Now we are on the last step, so once again look at everything and when you are done, so click on the place your order and pay button.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon Deals Hack

So now our order has been placed. but as you can be seen in the image below the payment was failed due to entering wrong info, and that's we need, this will give you some extra days for completing payment, So now its doesn't matter when sale and deal ended because we already placed our order, so when you able to pay you can simply complete the payment by click on the retry payment, and that time you have to enter correct CVV and other info.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon Deals Hack
I use this trick if the deal came for as short as 1-2 hours, and I didn't have the card and money thats time, its will give me some extra days to complete my payment, i hope it help you lot, if it works for you so please add you nice comment and share with your friends also.

Amazon Price Hack

On The Amazon price hacks, We are using an Amazon feature or service that helps you save some extra money on products, but feels bad that most users avoid them, don't know why?
when you use this feature you can save 5% on a product and if you buy more then 3 product together so you can save 10% on each product, it's an amazing feature I used ever on amazon, before I start, let me tell you which product you can use it on, daily use product, Groceries, health care product and some other.  

I will do it step by step, i also added some navigation images that helps you little more, 

On the first step, let's take a look some daily use product which I have to buy, so here I found a product, a pack face wash, as you can be seen in the image below there are two options choose the first one to subscribe and save, and select the quantity of the product and click on subscribe now.

Before I proceed to the next step, I want to tell you something, when you subscribe to a product, so you can cancel them anytime, so don't worry you don't have to buy it again, we cancel it on the last step.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack

When you clicked on subscribe now button they ask for choosing a delivery address, here once you confirm your address you can skip from here by clicking deliver on his address.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack

The process of subscribe for this product was completed , and you got extra 5% discount on this order. but that's not the real trick which i told you, as you can seen in image below if you added two more product so its gives you extra 10% discount on each product, So what we did now i will buy the same product without buying two others, with 10% discount.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack
For this you need to go back to same product and then repeat the first and second step twice the time again, you need to subscribe the same product as two time again, when you  have done, go to the 'my order'  and as you can seen in image below, the price of last product was much lower the first two product, so cancel  first two orders.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack
Now we successfully ordered product as cheap as possible, 129 that's price is such a cheap for 186 product.  why i told 186 , because that's product not eligible for free delivery so you have to pay some extra for it,

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack

Some of the product does not eligible for COD 'cash on delivery', so you can use amazon pay upi for it, when you cancel your order on last step so your amount will be refund or added back to your amazon pay within 24 hour, so you don't need to worry for this.

as you know, we subscribe for some products you have to cancel those when your order was placed.

So go to the setting, Your Account >> Subscribe & Save >> select the product >> cancel subscription. you need to cancel all subscription if you don't need those product any more.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon price Hack
i hope that's trick will help you lot to save some extra money, and if you want some more trick like that, so live you comment below. 

Amazon Delivery Hack

Many items are available at the right price on Amazon, but some products require you to pay a little extra for delivery. That's why some people avoid buying low-priced items on Amazon. Here is an image where I have added a product to a cart, which price was  lower than the price of the market, but when I placed the order I have to pay some extra for delivery, 

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon  Delivery Hack
In this trick, I will buy the same product at without paying any other charges and you also can apply this on the other product.

Before we move on the trick, I want to tell something, if you regularly buy product from amazon so I recommend you try amazon prime, its gives you some amazing premium features like free and fast delivery on every product, for this amazon charge only 126 rupees per month and also gives you some other feature, you can check them on their official Amazon website..

Ok so let's go on the trick, here we have already added a product that we have to buy, as you seen in below image, this product will allow free delivery when we order over 499, So here we have to work on it, don't worry you don't need to buy any other product or pay extra, it just a part of our trick.

On  the first step, we need to add this on the cart , when you have done. F
ind any product which also offered you free delivery when we order over 499.than  add them on the cart, It does not matter what the product is, because we do not have to buy, it is just because our trick can work. after that click on 'proceed to buy' and next select the delivery address where you want this product.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon  Delivery Hack

Ok so here is a trick that we apply, on the payment section put the wrong CVV  code and click on the place your order and pay. you don't need  to complete your payment yet, that's way we enter wrong cvv, when you have done.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon  Delivery Hack
Go to my order, choose your orders and click on cancel items. Then select the product that we added to implement our trick and click on cancel checked items.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon  Delivery Hack

Now go back to my order as you can see in the image below the price of the order still same as the actual price of the product, this means you don't need to pay extra for delivery, for ordering this product at the same price, click on the 'retry payment', that time you need to complete your payment so enter the right info or CVV, and place your order.

Top 3 Amazon Money Saving Tricks and Hacks | Amazon  Delivery Hack
Now you have ordered your product to be successfully paid without any additional delivery charges. Ok so here is some other information you should know when you use this trick you can't eligible for COD, it means you only can pay using the card and another online payment method.

I hope it will work for you and helps to save some extra money during online shopping. if you have any inquiries about the trick so you can ask me on comments.

Article Written By Pawan Negi 

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