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How much people followed you its shows how much popular you are on facebook, when you have a large number of followers so you also gots like comments, from organic ways and friends will noticed your profile at times, its harder to get high amount of followers as a time, but I have some ways or tricks that you can apply on your facebook account for getting followers, if  you know some other hidden ways or tricks so mention that on comments.

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Add Your Comments

That's the easiest or fastest way for getting followers on Facebook, in this method you only need to add your comment on viral posts which publish on facebook from other peoples. which type of comments you need to add on post. a comment like 'add me', 'add me to your friend's zone', ' make me your friend' etc. I hope you know which type of comments you need to add. so the next thing was how we find the viral post for adding comments.

facebook viral post


Search on the Facebook USA Today as the result you seen many posts, chose the post for comments which have high volume of likes or comments, now you can add your comments, comment on the post again and again on after 1-2 minute period, after the 5-10 minutes later after adding comments followers start to comes on  your profile, how much followers you got it depends on how much longer you  did comments on posts. 

This method really works and you don't need any software or website you can do it manually form mobile or pc which you have.

Auto Liker Websites

On the internet, many websites will claim for that, so I listed some of website which works for me and which help me to gain followers goal on Facebook.

That's one of my favorite and it works for a long time and i didn't get an account blocking issue and other problems. its gives 100 followers in every 30 minutes if you want likes for your facebook post or facebook page so you can, the best part of this website you can access them free, you don't pay anything for getting likes, followers, comments or other services.

so how can you use this website.let do this step by step.

 The first visit on website or login with your Facebook account, it is really important you need to do your Facebook profile public another way it doesn't work.

When you enter your facebook email or password its show you your account token.

Copy that and paste on access token box for login in your account.

Now you successfully login in, there are many option or service, choose facebook follower option and set the value for getting followers at one's time and click on submit. 

 When you did it ones a time you can do again after 30 minutes, on a time it gives you 200 followers. 

 I hope now you know how to use it you also can try their other services. if you have any problems and issue to accessing this website so mention on comments.  


Facebook Autoliker of wefbee is the best facebook liker tools which helps you to increase unlimited facebook likes on status or photos. You can use wefbee daily to increase your likes. it workes great no issues of account blocking or illegal activity and gives you real organic like or followers, here are another features like; auto reaction, auto comments, auto friends request, auto group poster. 

all process was same as for login, if you have any issue to accessing them so please mention it on comments.

here are list of another facebook liker that you can use for getting facebook profile followers.

  • YoLikers
  • VivoLiker 
  • JioLiker 
  • Icelike 
  • Machineliker
  • Hublaa 
  • DjLiker 
  • MgLiker 
  • PerfectLiker 
  • OfficialLiker 
  • Megsta 
  • Apental 
  • BugsLiker 
  • AbLiker 
  • 4Liker
  • LikeLo

Post Regularly

That's the one of the best way to get organic followers on your profile, when you posted regularly your post was reached more and more people every day, if you posted some impressive thing so your post gets like or comments and followers on profile also, I well suggest you post images or videos mostly it will reach more than links and title posted.
facebook post

as you know you ever have seen if your friends posted their photos regularly so after some time their posts automatically show the top of your Facebook home page. 

so I hope you got your wright way to gaining your follower's goal and that's article will be helpful for you.

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