Which Method Hacker Probably Use For Hacking FB Login (Anomor, Wapka, Z Shadow )

Past of  2-3 years, Facebook created new security loops and probably makes Facebook more secure. but another side dark web reaching many services on the internet, the dark web is a way of doing web illegal activity, which people used dark web for doing any illegal activity on the internet they called hacker,  the cyber cell them back hat hacker.


We find some different of way hackers probably can use for hacking someone facebook account. they seem simple and strange but its work on more than people, many people losing their account doing some maiger mistakes so I also mention those mistake on this article and I also suggest you some setting they probably help you to make your account more secure.

Facebook Hacking Methods

Phishing Links

 Phishing is a method to hacking facebook password, its mostly used or general method used by  hacker, in this method hackers send you some types of links with attractive offers ex. "you win 5'lacks price money on facebook claim your money on Facebook," when you clicked the links the next page will be opened they almost looks like facebook login page, the page offer you log in with your facebook Gmail or password for claiming your prize money, once you enter the password and clicked on login your password with email was sent to admin dashboard on links provider website, and your account will be hacked by hacker whose send you link. this method works on many people if they don't know about this types of hacker activity. 

How Does Phishing Work

That's The Example Of Phishing

User Inputs



Hacker Server
User input iP:5347712882

That's the general or most useable method because there are many websites on the internet they will provide you that's the type of link services, internet filed with lots or malware or threads so you can easily find that's type of websites on the internet. nowadays on the facebook that's type of liked was blocked by cyber shell you seen many if you send any links so many peoples at the same time, so they will be blocked by after some uses, that's a facebook security policy if they think any links violated any policy or redirect on any suspicious websites, after the reviewing facebook blocked those types of links, maximum of times this did automatically by facebook bot,  probably another healthy links was also blocked so in this case you apply for facebook reviewing this link again.

Hackers also have known facebook blocked the links so they will try to offer you by another way just like, sent offer on your email or messages, offered on website advertisement and they have many other methods to do their work. most of hacker use anomor , wapka or z shadow phishing link services.

If you ever get any type of suspicious links so connect on Facebook services or submit those link for blacklisted, doing this you also help to facebook or other peoples. 


 There are three types of keylogging probably did by the hackers, that's all are different or there targeting reach was fixed, the hacker only can hackers devises people who they reached, its have limited area of targeting the people.

Hardware keylogging

 We all using friends mobile or desktop many times for accessing your social media accounts, or another today here are many cybercafe services, they provide you access on your Gmail, social media account or website for just a little bit cost, but  some of the people for making it more profitable, they captch their user or clients data, "the data was a document of user emails or passwords which they use for accessing their account".

They are using some of the keylogging software, on the internet they have high volume of availability, so we easily can  find one of them on the internet,whats the software do, they captch the user keystroke, what they entre on website input or entire device, the software was available for mobile or desktop, both of devices, its a really effective method because some software visibility hide after installing in victims mobiles or desktop, so its hard to find on device after installing,

How Does keylogging Work

That's The Example Of Keylogging

User Inputs

Hacker Server
User keylogging Data 

I will suggest you careful, if you using desktops on the cyber cafe or your friends desktop or mobile, before the using desktop check on task manager if you think any suspicious software running in the background. or check windows defense and scan the desktop they can easily find any type of thread or keylogging software  if they available, on the mobile device its hard to find because thats type of apps can't show on apps manager, there is only a way, open your file manager check on hidden files and make the search like keylogger, keylogging data or the other way try to find software on downloading apps file, because those types of apps were manually downloaded by website, so here are a possibility. you can find them on downloading apps file. Another check on your apps store past downloads if you think your friends did.

So the entire things was your friends or hackers can easily hack your facebook email or password using  keylogger, and another thing was you can't claim on facebook for that, because its generally your mistake if you using others devices for accessing your facebook account.

If you want to safe your facebook account for hacker so I'll suggest you use second step verification or OTP verification for accessing your account, that gives extra security from hackers

Keylogging Website Pages

 More than people don't know about this, as you have seen many website pages required login first with Gmail or Facebook, for accessing their pages, some of the pages redirect those on official pages of Gmail or Facebook for login, but the other side another website create there own Gmail or Facebook login section, "you can track them on just watching URL of the login page" on the login page you needs to fill email or password of your facebook or Gmail whats they required or you choose, ones you enter Gmail or passwords your data was catch and sent to admin server, it doesn't matter you clicked the login or submit buttons, or not. this types of pages created with javascript or python, so the pages will follow your keystrokes.

You can easily save your account for them, use the second step verification and view login page URL before entering your email or password and Google also knows about those types of activity, if they find any threads or malware in any website so they disable their visibility on Google.

Keylogging Using WiFi

 Today wifi is a similar thing we use for surfing on internet as internet connection, and that's things hackers know well they use wifi for attack their target, the target was people they use wifi in public areas, just like today many rail services, bus services, mols, shops, hotels etc.. provide you free wifi service, they work on DNS services, if you ever use any free wifi so I hope you noticed that you got some types of messages or alert, like 'welcome to our hotel' or 'welcome to Indian railway', we think that a normal thing but the reality was that a dangerous, because most of the hacker activity was doing in those areas. people can be easily targeted in those areas, we find tow ways probably hackers use for doing wifi keylogging.

The first way was they create their own free wifi network, for targeting people they chose most cowardly places like school or college areas, events places, or street and other crowdedly public areas. some of the old mobile devices connect automatically with wifi when they reached none security wifi network. and other people connect just for accessing the internet. but once you connect with their wifi network hacker candid any things with your devices, they can read your messages, block your access in any website, show their ads on your devices web browser, install any apps on your device, keylogging your inputs, locked you devices, A means of the entire thing was they can access your devices, without having your permission. its means you can lose your facebook account password if you connect with free wifi or attacked by hackers, here second step wifi doesn't be work because hackers can easily hack your messages OTP, I suggest you if you think your Facebook account login in any suspicious devices so block them immediately or change your password security. another here are no way to keep your account safe from wifi attack.

The second method they use for targeting people, they use pre-built wifi network from places like railway, bus stand, hotel, moals or other places, that's the type of hacking could men in middle attack, because that's the time a hacker will be hack data using pre connected devices on wifi. that's type of hacking is non-trackble. in this hacking, hackers will create duplicate wifi with same wifi name or mac address, after that hacker jam or blocked the original wifi using some of wifi jammer tool or using programmes. when original wifi was blocked the targeted devices automatically connected with duplicate wifi because they have the same mac address or their security was none. once devices connect with their wifi, the hacker can access all target devices without having user permission. one more time i suggest you if you think your Facebook account login in any suspicious devices so block them immediately or change your password security.

Facebook Python Hacking

 Python is a high-level computer language, more then a developer use those for building websites, programmes, software or other things, it gives you more access on programing somethings, that's way that's the useful thing for developer or also for hacker, most of the professional hacker's use those for creating their own programs or software.on the internet many python tools or programs file are available for facebook password hacking. facebook.py is one of them.

Enter Facebook id: 15566233325733
Upload Key File: Password.Txt
Testing password...

facebook.py works like a boot, we need a .txt  file for using those programs. .txt file have lots of basic password combination probably user can be used on their account password, and hackers will be using our facebook user id for tracking our profile, on the program we also can use email of account or mobile number but its hard to find on profile because some time user hide their info, so hackers will be using their user id for login as email input. the process of hacking is taking longer because the program was trying all the possible password one by one, its basically works on older low password security account, because past of year facebook doesn't allow low security or normal password when you create new one, but the older account doesn't have any issue for taking low-security password, so hacker can easily hack old account, this programs allow you try to password more than 3-4 time and if you log in directly on Facebook after the 3-4 tries your access was blocked for some time, 

Python also using for creating phishing, keylogging pages or another hacking software, for a secure your account from them you don't need to worry if you using a strong password or having second step verification on the account.

Using Spy Software

 I hope you know about this, that's the general way we use for hacking or having someone devices access. we only can target our friends or another person who nearby. on this method we need to install spy software on victim devices and give this all permission after that we access their device all data without having victim mobile, the apps are specially made for this services, so you can easily find them on the internet,

hackers will use the same method but different way, they build apps or software with payload, "payload is a virus they have the ability to hack user devices ones user gives that all permission," for this they use some of the popular apps they already exist on internet: like browser, games and other software,  after that they upload them on online web store, when someone download and install them on devices so the software need permission to run, ones the user allow them for all permission so user all data was sent to hacker server without knowing them, after that hacker can access user device any time if they connect with any internet service, some of the software hide after giving them all permission so user cant we removed them. on the facebook hacking hacker can be hack user account easily using spy software, when user gives that all permission, they can change their password, access their facebook verification messages or email. for secure your account from them don't be download apps from any anonymous website or carefully before giving permission on any software.

Security Tips

 Facebook always update their security but still have some hacking loops there, using those loops hackers can hack the Facebook security, we are recommended you some Facebook setting or ways they help you keep your Facebook account safe from hackers.

  • Using VPN you can access any free wifi services safely, its protect your browsing information and you can hide your identity from hackers, it helps you to keep safe your data from phishing, keylogging, wifi attacks or another hacker activities, I will suggest you use VPN services for access internet safely.
  • Add second step verification on your facebook account. it protects your account if someone knows your password but they never access your account without verifying your mobile number or Gmail, and I suggest you use Gmail as a primary security verification. its gives you extra google security protection, and if you lose your mobile or mobile number you still can log in your account using Gmail.
  • Don't be ever use your name, date of birth, mobile number and another similar thing as your password, create a strong password using uppercase, lowercase or syllable because its unguessable.
  • Avoid the website who claim any cash prize and when you log in check the web URL if you think that's the suspicious one, don't enter your profile info.
  • Don't be share your facebook access token with any website if they required, avoid them, else you can lose your account.
  • Always check devices where your Facebook account was log in.  if you have seen any suspicious or anonymous device, so block their access.
  • Careful before the using cyber cafe internet services, check task manager if you don't want to lose your data on any hacker activity if you believe.
Article  written By Pawan Negi

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