Get AdSense Account Approval From Website or Blogger

Get AdSense Approval From Website

Here we use Blogger or website which you have or use For getting non-hosted AdSense account Approval. sometimes it's difficult to get because we got many issues from Adsense if you have one so just scroll down and read the solution about your issue, if you think I miss any points or you have another issue so mention it on comments we update it soon.
Get AdSense Account Approval From Website or Blogger
So let's focus on points you need to fix before applying for Adsense if you apply all those things to your website or blogger so I'm sure you got approval within the week.

Use Custom Domain

First you need to do, use a Custom domain like .com, .in, or .org, on your website or blogger, Adsense doesn't be allowed ads on Subdomain ex.  you are using when you create a blog you got domain form blogger like, as you can be seen that's the subdomain from domain. There are hard to get approval without adding domain on website.

Another reason was in some countries like Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North, Korea, Sudan, or Syria. AdSense isn’t available to publishers. on some countries, the Adsense approval process will take 6 months or period if you don't be use custom domain.


 AdSense will review your website and check what policies or services you use on your site like cookies, about the advertisement service or policy and another thing, they find all those things on your site. for providing, that information to Adsense you need to add privacy policy or terms and service pages on your blog or website. they will help Google know about your website.

Create 'Privacy Policy' or 'Terms And Service' Pages For Blog or Website.

WebMasters Tools

 Before applying for Adsense submit your site on webmaster, it makes your site visible on the google search engine, using webmaster tools you can inspect your URL, submit sitemap of your website in google, you can check coverage or error of your site and fix that. there are many other tools they can helps you to rank on google and make your website batter. it's an important thing you need to do before applying for AdSense account.

Templates & Theme

 Some Template or Themes make an error on HTTP or HTTPS, so must use a simple or responsive blog or website templates on the period of adsense reviewing process, After getting approval you can change them or use any premium ad-friendly theme.

Original Content

  Qualifying for Adsense content policies, you need almost 10-15 well-written post or article on your blog, number of articles also depends on your content quietly, don't use any copyright content on your blogs it can create an error to getting approval, and the other thing was your post doesn't be rank on google, so create a original one its probably help to get approval early.

Copyright Images

  Most of the people did that mistake much time, they will upload the google or other website images on their blog, that's violence the content policy of Google and probably you got copyright claim on your content, thats create an error on approval, Google can't be allowed their ads on any copyright content. their are way to avoid copyright images, download images  from anywhere and edit them after that you can upload them without any  copyright claim.

The other main thing was add alt text and title on images when you upload those on articles. its helps to rank on google search engine.

Let's take a look at all the points you need to fix for Approval.
  • Use a Quality Custom Domain.
  • Add privacy policy or terms and service pages on blog or website.
  • Submit your site on Webmaster Tools.
  • Use responsive design Template.
  • Upload almost 10-15 well-written Articles.
  • Avoid copyright Images on your website.

Solution For Issues Got From Adsense

There are many reasons for getting  Adsense disapproval, so we give you solution about some meager issues probably you got from Adsense, period of the reviewing process.

Site Is Down Unavailable

  A few weeks ago I got the same error with my Adsense approval and its hard to fix, if you get same issue, so they have many reasons.

  • When you apply for AdSense so you need to remove, { User-agent: Mediapartners Google  / Disallow: } Those two lines form your robort.txt file, it doesn't be allowed ads on the website, after getting Adsense approval, add those back on your robort.txt file.
  • Check your website, if they redirect non-www to www, not perfectly, so that's also a reason for getting this error.
  • Before applying, add all domain property on webmaster tool, just like and,, those all are different properties of the same domain, you need to add all before applying for Adsense,

Under Construction

That's the common issue we got on Adsense disapproval, we found two reasons for getting this issue, 

  • The first reason was using non-ads friendly theme or template, use a simple or responsive theme or template on your site, some themes were not created probably for the type of website you have, in this case, you got under construction issue.
  • And another reason was a low volume of content in articles, you want almost 400-500 words per article for showing google ads in lower cash, We even hear that for your blog post to break into a first-page ranking on Google, it may have to stay north of 1800 words.

Copyright Claim

  The users got this issue maximum times when they begin on blogger or website they don't know about Google policies, if you got this issue so you easily can  fix this, there have only two reasons for getting this error.

  • Avoid copyright images on your blog or website, if you download images somewhere and upload directly on your blog or website, so its probably violate the copyright content policy, for avoiding this, if you want to use google images so don't be ever upload it directly, edit those little bits, change their name and save it on your device. After that you can use it on your blogs or website,I will suggest you create images  yourself, it makes great appearances on google images, and it helps you to rank up your article on google search engine. and don't be forgive adding alt text or title in your images, add text  according to your post content because its visible with the same title in google images and make the chance to get clicked or visit on your article.
  • Copyright Content is another reason of getting this issue, if you copied some content or text from another website and paste it on directly on your article so that will be violence the content policy, because with the text you caped many other things just like URL links, ads text and formate of text writing, that's why google easily can find its a copied content, for avoiding this I will  suggest you create your own original content its beneficial for you. 
I hope you got Solution for which issue you have if you have another so mention it on comments.

Article written by Pawan Negi.

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