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Pawan Blogs logo

how I make this!

So, guys, as you can see in logo there are 9 circles spin around the  'PB' "Pawan Blogs" icon, there I am using 11 images on this project, they all I make one by one as the same size 400px*400px and save those as .png with a transparent background, 

what I do next, align all images together in center, and set the position: relative;, and margin all in { -100px -101.5px 0px;}. 

I use rotateZ.css for creating spinning action on circles, I make the perfect spinning transformation combing their rotating speed with their rotating angle, the middle one was still on their position and I align the blog logo in the bottom in relative position.

I spend over 5 hours, working on this project and I am happy with the result, Download the Source file, you can edit them and create css logo for your blogs or website.

Article Written By Pawan Negi   

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