Public Your Mobile App Using Professional Card Website in Free

Public Mobile App Throw Website

If you work on .thunkable, appybuilder or other free app builder site and paid one android studio also, so you always want a platform to public your application, you have many options like many app stores or web stores. but they all was paid. 

So what we do!

There have a solution, build your own app publishing site, but it's not an easy thing a say, because they need coding, Basic "HTML,CSS or js" But Don't Worry I Gives you a Source Code File , you only want Some edits So follow my steps .
Live Source Code
After The coping Source code paste  it on any text editors , work on <body> </body> tag, edit the app name on top, and add one or two app tag line, put your app icon link on 'img src' and the last one put your app downloading link on download button "herf" tag. now you done.

Copy those HTML and paste it on any free hosting website like blogger is the best for those types of works ,

Create a free blog  click on Theme and paste your HTML on there, and publish them, now your app on website, you can easily share with your friends or social media,

If you have some problems, working with code so comment or contact me on WhatsApp No. +919012625118,

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