My Earning Experience With Google Adsense
Hey! Guys, I am Pawan negi and Before the sharing my earning experience, i wanna highlighting some of  Google policies, because if you working before knowing those points you have the possibility to loos your AdSense account so read it carefully.

  • Don't be ever clicks on your ads,
  • And again don't click your ads throw your friends and family mobile/ desktop,
  • Don't share you're earning reports on social media,
  • Don't add 2 different google Adsense ads on one page or post,
  • Don't be use any third party website to promote your content,

If you understand those all point so now your account was safe, now we can focus on earning.
I am using those popular methods from earning with Adsense.

.Mobile Application          .Website           .Google Adword/Ads | Earn Higher Income With Google Adsense

Which One is Best Of  Those?

If Truly I say , so I am working on 'website' most, but the best one was 'mobile application',

Because it gives you revenue 'earning' more than a website, and  you can earn higher, but the application building was not like the play before that learn about code,  and thats not a easy thing, 

there is another option like 'thankable' to make an app without coding but that does not give you result like professional and your app does not rank on app store. so that's not a good think about the mobile application,

So What We Do!

if you have content or extraordinary writing skill so I suggest you work on website, so make a website post your articles, put Adsense ads and earn,

I hope you like it if you think about third point google-adword so read my other article.

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