How To Get Adsense Account Approval on Blogger

How TO GET Adsense Account Approval For Your Blog:- |  Get Adsense Account Approval on Blogger
  1. Buy the custom domain name.
  1. Add some pages like 'contact me, about, privacy policies, Terms, and service.
  1. Make a clean design blogger templates.
  1. upload 10-15 original content blog posts.
  1. don't be use copyright google images in your blog posts.

you have done! let's apply for Google AdSense.

  • Buy the custom domain name before the application.

Adsense doesn't approve subdomain like or so if you want Adsense approval fast so best way, buy the quality domain name ex.. '.com, .in, .net . and add on your blogger as a third-party URL after that apply for AdSense I am sure you got approval. | Get Adsense Account Approval on Blogger

  •  Add contact or police page on the blog.
on the review time AdSense team check your all blog or site as a visitor or viewer. if you add 'contact or police page' like me, they make your blog more effective and easy to use as a visitor or views, after that your chance was increase to get AdSense Approval. | Get Adsense Account Approval on Blogger

  • Upload original content on a blog post.
 Adsense was a global advertising company so they never place her ads on any copyright site or blog. on the blogger case you want . almost 10-15 well written original content post, after that you place AdSense ads.

I hope this will be helpful for you if you have other issue or problem with approval so comment on below.

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