15 Tips And Tricks That Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

1. Customize Header.

What is Header?
As you can see the top of your website webpage, where shows your website name or title. when you started a new website so remember that use image " logo or title name of your website " as a header, its looks good and helps to user find your website on google, when some user search your website keyword so its rank top of images searches. its a part of the website SEO.
keep in your mind some point when you adding images on header.

  • Use responsive image size, first text them on pc or mobile both devices.
  • Aline that center if they not. use the </center> tag to on header, edit it on template code.

2. Use <h2>, <h3> Tags.

What is <h2>, <h3> tags.
h2 tag will use to add heading on HTML. the heading is the main topic or title of any post, article or documents. the subheading is any of the headings under which each of the main divisions of a subject. you can use <h3> tag to add subheading on HTML.

<h2>Uses Of Trees</h2>
<h3> On Industrial use</h3>
<h3>Medicines Are Derived From Trees</h3>
<h3>Food From trees</h3>

Why did you need it?
When you use heading or subheading on your post its helps to know google which was the main point or topics of your post or article, so when someone searches on google, the keyword which matched to your any h1, h2, h3 tags so your website visible on Google as the search result. It helps to grow SEO of your website and makes them more visible to the search engine.

Make sure don't add more than 10 headings in a article, post it will be affected on your website SEO and decrease your post rank on the search engine.

3. Add WhatsApp Gadget.

WhatsApp gadget: The user will directly contact you on WhatsApp when using mobile devices. on the pc, it will work if they already login to WhatsApp web.its the fastest or trusted way to contact.

The best part was, user can send you images, videos, documents and other things.

How we can add WhatsApp gadget on a website or blogger?
visit on link which I gives below.


After than enter your WhatsApp number where you want to get users WhatsApp messages and create WhatsApp gadget script for your website or blogger. another information mention in the article visit and know that how to put script on website.

4. linked on Social Media.

Add your website URL in your facebook, facebook page, google+ account, twitter, Instagram, youtube channel if you have or another social media network which you used,

What will happen with this?
Let's know with example.
15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional
When I search on google my website keyword or title "Pawan Blogs", as you can see in the below images, as a search result, my all social media account visible where I put my website URL.
It will make much more probability to get visits on your website.

5. Use CSS Avoid .Gif.

Why I am saying avoid gif? as you know .gif files came in pretty large sizes, it makes your website a little heavy to load means it will take more time to load as normal, that's not good for website SEO its affect your post ranking on google.

That's the cause people leave from your website when your site takes so much time to load.

The size of code was pretty low as compare to images or .gif file and you can customize them any time, because that the coded so they directly upload on post servers it's not affect or hole website size.

6. Add DoFollow Backlinks.

Dofollow backlinks help to rank article or post on the search engine, high amount of Dofollow backlinks increase website DA 'Domain Athrothy', that's such an important fact about website rank.

How to create Dofollow backlinks?

Here are some ways that you can use.
  • Create Backlinks by doing comments, In this way you want to add your website or post URL as a comment in high da websites, I have a list of 100 high da or pr websites, here you can add your website or post URL as comments.
Create Manually

  • You also create them using our auto backlinks generator tool, which pings your website with 100+ other websites. and generated high DA Dofollow backlinks, it makes temporary backlinks which available only for 10-16 hours, but you can create them again and any time, it's free to use.
Create Using Tool

7. Customize Images.

Here are many things about images that you want to know before adding images on your post or articles, let's know them.

  • Don't be ever use any copyright images "which download from other websites or google' it can violence the AdSense policy if you want them to use so edit those first.
  • Before the uploading them on post, compressed their size and make them smaller, its helps to load your post faster when someone visits on your post, and rank your website,
  • Add 'alt' or title text in images after you upload them on post, its helps to know google where they come from and what is it about.

15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

Images helps to grow your website, i will be recommended you, on your article or post add 3-5 images almost. its makes them much more effective.

8. Submit Website Sitemap.

What is  sitemap?
Sitemap is like a internet map where you provide information about your site, images, videos and relationship between them.


What he did!
It manages your site URL on search engine and informs that where he comes from, whats their main domain and other things.

How to submit ?
First, you want to verify your site on google webmaster tool, after then you can submit your website sitemap.

15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

You need to update your website sitemap after each upload.

9. Rank on Bing, Yahoo.

I think you noticed that when you analyze your website anelastic, and view source of your traffic. we got maximum search traffic from google, so why not from bing or yahoo?

I also noticed that with my website when I am begin, after the few months later when I noticed i got the cause of that, and then I know what wrong with this,

Because I not updated my website on bing webmaster tool, Remember that google webmaster and bing webmaster they both are different, google webmaster manage your site sitemap, URLs, on google and bing webmaster manged on bing and yahoo.

15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

After that when I know, I add my site on bing webmaster tool and submit there my website sitemap and all post URLs,After few days later my post ranked on bing and yahoo search engine, and started got traffic from bing and yahoo search.

10. keyword Research.

What is keyword research?
Find they keyword which have low competition and high searches, and create article with using those keywords.

How they help to grow website!
When you using low competitive keyword to create your content, so you can rank them on top of search, if you create a good content,

once your article was ranked, so they reflect all of your website and rank other article,

How to find a low competitive keyword?
Here are many free tools online which I used, mostly I use google keyword for finding a keyword which have high searches and low companions, you also can use google trends, find some trending topics and create a new article or post with them.

11. Socialize Your Website

Socialize your website by creating fan pages on facebook , twitter , instagram or another social media networks, create pages with your website title name and update there your newly uploading post.

Its helps to reach your website to more people.

12. Social Share Button.

Social share button grows your website reach, they allow visitors to share your articles on social media with their friends, its a part of SEO if your website have a high volume of shares on social media your website can rank top in search engine.
15 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Website Or Blog Professional

13. Highlight Word.

Use bold text or colors to highlight word which is the main focus of entire article, paragraph or topic, it helps to know your visitor which points you want clear in the topic and its looks good also.

14. Add Robot.Txt File.

What is Robots.Txt file?
A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can't request from your site. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests.

Use robots.txt to manage crawl traffic, and also to prevent image, video, and audio files from appearing in Google search results.

Create For your Website-

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: http://www.viraltrands.com/sitemap.xml

Here is an example of robots.txt, if you want to generate for yourself so visit on the given link below.

When you uploaded successfully you can check this, you only need to add /robots.txt end of your website URL.

15. Add Pages.

A privacy policy and trams and services is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client's privacy.

How to add?
The all process was, how to create and how you can add it on your website, I includes on the article which links I given below, so visit and create and read it before adding in your website,

It also increases your website domain authority and ranking on search engine.

Article written by Pawan Negi

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